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Photoshop Easy gives you the necessary direction needed to build the best Photoshop practices and workflow

We will not focus on memorizing steps, settings, or values. Instead, we will cover everything you need to know so that you become a master in Photoshop and achieve whatever result you desire by creating your own steps and techniques







Do you remember the first time you opened Adobe Photoshop?

Whatever your age or skill level, there was an intimidating first-time experience with Photoshop for most of us.

And if you're like me, it has been a love/hate relationship ever since, right? (Spoiler Alert: It always will be; you'll just know how to deal with it better).

As we have each learned the hard way, we cannot just learn Photoshop by memorizing how to achieve certain specific results.

To benefit from the software's full potential, we must comprehend the concept behind each function, each tool, crucial techniques, and each of the beautiful features this mysterious software has to offer!

Just as you flawlessly speak and express yourself in your language, similarly, Photoshop is a language too.

The moment you learn the Photoshop language the way you know your mother tongue, you can express whatever image or vision you have in your mind.

Instead of spending a massive amount of time looking for solutions to every specific problem, once you develop a rock-solid grasp of the "Photoshop language," you will seldom find yourself needing to search for particular answers online, and know exactly what to do to achieve that in Photoshop.

Do You Find Photoshop Intimidating Sometimes?

Have you ever been in a situation where you started to edit a photo just to come to the realization that it's challenging to know where to start?

In those situations, we are a little confused and a little lost as we stare at the many functions and tools in Photoshop.

Perhaps, we start making changes here and there, hoping for satisfactory results. Unfortunately, this is a problem that many photographers, creators, and photo editors get stuck into.

Without clarity, direction, and a perfect vision, it is impossible to get your desired results. The truth is, if we don't have a clear plan of action, we will never be able to improve ourselves and, therefore, never figure out what is wrong with our workflow.

That's why we require a system that guides you step-by-step through every concept you need to know to control Photoshop the way you want according to your needs.

This is the key to creating stunning images and absolutely breathtaking works of art.

It’s Time To Develop the Right Method

And that's why Unmesh Dinda created

This course will put you in the right path where you know exactly where you are, where to start, and what you need to learn next to improve your Photoshop skills.

Here's why Photoshop Easy is the Ultimate Online Adobe Photoshop Course:

You will learn true skills and effective concepts that will make you create your own personalized path to mastering Photoshop.

You will be on the right track as you learn Photoshop from a strategically structured path where as you progress, the more familiar you get in the Photoshop world without having to look back.

Start with a strong foundation in Photoshop and enjoy a path that takes you towards your personal artistic independece where you are able to translate your ideas into breathtaking images using Photoshop on your own!

You will have direct access to Photoshop Experts who are there to help you 24 hours a day, with anything and everything about this course. Anytime you face a challenge or have questions, our Photoshop live chat support is at your rescue!

You already have experience using Photoshop and you would like to sharpen your skills and learn new techniques and strategies to work with the highest efficiency, speed up your workflow, and achieve exceptional results.

This is not an Owner's Manual that is full of theory and absolutely monotonous. Instead, we will learn by playing, having fun, and learning the "why" behind each concept.

Meet Your Instructor, Unmesh Dinda

Unmesh Dinda is a Photoshop educator.

He runs a popular YouTube channel teaching Photoshop called ‘PiXimperfect,’ with more than 3.2 million followers and 700 videos.

Many of his content has been featured on popular photo sites like Adobe, Wacom, Fstoppers, Shutterbug, SLR Lounge, and PetaPixel, among many others.

Unmesh has been an instructor for conferences like Adobe MAX, Shutterfest, and Photoshop World.

He has written articles about Photoshop published in Shutter Magazine and Photoshop User Magazine. He has also been an instructor at KelbyOne.

Unmesh Dinda presenting at Adobe MAX, an annual event held by Adobe Systems

PiXimperfect, the YouTube channel created by Unmesh Dinda has more than 3 million subscribers

Who's This Course For?

The Photoshop Easy Course is geared more towards beginners and intermediates, but even benefits weathered professionals who want to improve their skills and take their work to the next level. You can let us guide you through everything you need to suceed with Photoshop in the right order.

If you want:

1. To develop your workflow

2. Save time, energy, and frustration

3. Take your creativity to new heights

4. Increase your skill level, whether you're novice or professional

Photoshop Easy is for you!





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The Transformation You

Will Get After Watching Photoshop Easy

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This course is addictive and can lead to some desired side-effects.

You'll notice serious improvement in your images and your way of doing post production.

You will acquire a workflow capable of giving you clarity on every single post production step.

You will obtain a clear understanding of the most powerful post production strategies.

You will increase your skills and be able to move completely independently.

You will able to create outstanding and breathtaking images.

Other Courses VS Photoshop Easy

Another Courses

Non ti insegnano nessun processo di fotoritocco

Sono la copia dei manuali dei diversi software

Se hai dubbi o domande ti arrangi

Ti costringono ad acquistare ogni anno il corso con la scusa dell’aggiornamento

Ti spiegano la tecnica senza entrare nei dettagli

Sono noiosi e fatti male

Ti trasferisce competenze, sistemi e procedure

Trova le sue fondamenta nei principi fondamentali del fotoritocco professionale

Tratta argomenti e teorie che una volta appresi, ti porteranno vantaggi per tutta la vita

Include tutti i futuri aggiornamenti

Ti garantisce una super assistenza continua

È registrato a qualità cinematografica e intrattiene oltre che a formare

Some Before and After Examples

Here's How Photoshop Easy Works

To get real results, you need a proven and solid system for learning, applying, and transforming the information into excellent results and making it stay with you for life.

Processes tested and approved

We are not going to focus on any memorized steps, settings, or values. Instead, we will cover everything you need to know so that you become a master in Photoshop and achieve whatever result you have in mind, by creating your own steps and techniques.

To master a powerful software like Adobe Photoshop, you must have the freedom to learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want, which is why the access to the Photoshop Easy course is for you, forever! This means that you will be able to watch the course and get all the future updates for life.

Lifetime Access

Super Assistance

Our super-efficient LiveChat assistance will be there for you. You will never be left alone because the Photoshop Easy Team will answering all your questions.

Keeping the course up to date is a fundamental aspect of online teaching. Photoshop Easy uploads new lessons, updates, and materials every month.

Updates and New Lessons

Why Photoshop Easy is Different?

The Photoshop Easy course is based on 4 fundamental pillars.


The goal of the course is not only to teach you how to use Photoshop, but above all, to provide you with a real working methodology. This was you will be able to walk alone, and move independently within this amazing software


Theory without practice is completely useless. Learning how to “do” is more important than learning theory. That's why the whole course is, above all, practical. Every single lesson leads you to achieve a specific result.


We think that without this component, it is difficult to learn how to master Photoshop, or any other software for that matter. Which is why, while you are taking this course, you will also be having loads of fun creating your own incredible images!

The knowledge and expertise of working with Photoshop for 16 years and teaching millions of students online have enabled Unmesh to invest 16 months in creating the Ultimate Guide for You to Master Photoshop! You will avoid the most common mistakes, discover all the tricks of the trade, and receive advice resulting from his many years of experience.


How Is the Course Divided?

The course is divided into 8 modules containing 57+ lessons. More content continue to be added every month.

What You'll Learn


You'll learn to create breathtaking images through a fast and easy path capable of helping you acquire a solid work foundation.






You'll learn to explore the true potential that lies behind every tool that Photoshop offers.

You'll learn to correctly process your images, avoiding all those mistakes that 99% of all photographers, creators, and photo editors make.

You'll learn to juggle the program in full autonomy. Nothing will be left to chance.

You'll acquire the post production system that Unmesh has implemented, and will completely change your way of editing photos.

You’ll learn to manage the color of your photographs and get the colors you've always dreamed of!

And many other techniques and strategies to take your skills to the next level and create images that will leave everyone speechless!


You'll discover the most advanced techniques to shape the lighting in your photos, as you please.

What Our Students Think About Us

Abbiamo già i primi Feedback

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Roberto Mannini

“Avete fatto un capolavoro, l’Accademia che avete creato è veramente un gioiello.. mi sono reso conto che tante cose mi mancavano”.

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Francesco Ingrosso

"L’Accademia del Fotoritocco è una figata assurda, il corso è utilissimo ed insegna il fotoritocco in ogni piccolo dettaglio, in più c'è anche il tutor sempre a disposizione!"

What's inside?

You can watch the lessons on your computer, smartphone, or tablet

Let's take a closer look

Course Contents

Once you have purchased Photoshop Easy, you will have instant access to the member area where you can view the course in video format whenever and wherever you want.



Let's Get You Up & Running



1.1 Introduction

1.2 Layers

1.3 Layer Mask

1.5 Filters

1.7 Camera Raw

1.6 Save and Export in Depth

1.4 What’s Your Resolution?


The Tools


2.1 What Are The Tools?

2.2 The Core Navigation Tools

2.3 Transforming

2.4 Selections

2.8 Healing and Cloning Tools

2.7 Pen Tool

2.6 Brush Tool, Eraser, Eyedropper

2.5 Doing The Right Crop

2.12 New Tools - Frame, Artboard, and Curvature Pen Tool

2.10 Text Tool and Text Effects

2.11 Shape Tools

2.9 Blur, Sharpen and Smudge


Master Lighting & Color with Adjustments


3.1 Color Management

3.2 The Most Important Adjustment: Curves

3.3 Hue/Saturation: Target, Change and Manipulate Colors

3.4 Fill Adjustments & Blend If: Solid Color, Gradient, Patterns

3.7 Gradient Maps

3.6 Vibrance & Saturation

3.5 color Lookup

3.9 Working with Lab

3.8 Selective Color




4.1 What is Compositing?

4.2 Advanced Masks

4.3 Creating Realistic Shadow

4.4 The Power of Smart Objects

4.5 Matching the Subject to the Background


Basics of Retouching


5.1 Retouching Skin

5.2 Dodging and Burning

5.3 Retouching Eyes

5.4 Retouching Teeth and Lips

5.5 Fixing Hair


Tips & Tricks


6.1 Photoshop Actions

6.2 Video Editing in Photoshop

6.3 Two Efficient Workflow Tips

6.4 Selective Sharpening

6.6 Print

6.5 Plug-ins

6.7 Adding Textures


Special Effects


7.1 Fence Effect

7.2 Turn Your Portraits to a Pencil Sketch

7.3 Create Realistic Light Rays

7.4 The Blend Mode to Add Light Source (Add Light to Anything)

7.6 Completely Transform a Landscape from Flat to Fabulous

7.5 Film Grain and Cinematic Color Grading

7.7 Hands Over Face Effect




8.1 The Magic of the New Content-Aware Fill

8.2 Luminosity Masks

8.3 Control Light and Contrast with Gradient Map

8.4 Put Anything on Any Surface

8.5 27 Blending Modes in 27 Minutes

In addition to this, Photoshop Easy course includes

English Subtitles Available

Do you face challenge understanding English? No worries! Each lesson in the course includes English subtitles. We will also be adding subtitles in other languages very soon.

Exclusive Materials included

The complete course has more than 150 downloadable PSDs, actions, and other assets that you can use to not only follow along, but also boost your workflow.

Se Accedi adesso hai anche i nostri Super Bonus!

Bonus #1: Valore €300

Le nostre azioni di Fotoritocco Professionale

Questo pack include tutte le azioni pensate e progettate sulla base del nostro processo di fotoritocco. Queste azioni ti permetteranno di dimezzare i tuoi tempi di lavorazione ed evitare di perdere tempo su passaggi che possono essere automatizzati.

Bonus #2: Valore €165

Pack pieno di immagini in formato RAW

Con l’acquisto dell’accademia del fotoritocco sbloccherai un intero pacchetto pieno zeppo di immagini in Formato Raw, in questo modo potrai esercitarti e fare pratica anche su altre immagini.

Se acquisti adesso sblocchi il nostro video corso completo sul Fotoritocco commerciale. Questo corso ti fornirà le tecniche più avanzate per cambiare il modo in cui ritocchi la fotografia di prodotto. Ti illustreremo il processo di fotoritocco per creare immagini commerciali di fascia alta.

Bonus #3: Valore €1290

Video corso sul Fotoritocco Commerciale

How our Platform Works

Learn What You Want, Where You Want

When you enter Photoshop Easy, you will have access to our amazing e-learning platform. For each lesson you can download the materials we use. You can access the program online from any computer, tablet, or phone, from anywhere in the world, at any time you want.

Your journey is so important to us that we are partnering with you. Therefore, this means that you will never feel alone and will always have a point of reference to rely on for any questions.

Super Assistance Included

Photoshop Easy is a course that entertains minute-by-minute. All lessons are in 4K, and for each lesson you have the option to slow down or speed up the video. Remember, if you are getting bored you are not learning.

Cinematic Quality

Once you complete the course, you will be issued a digital Certificate of Completion. Our certificates are shareable, unique, and independently verifiable.

Certificate of Completion

Che cosa dicono i nostri studenti

Photoshop Easy Will Transform the Way You Edit - Here Is Our Guarantee

Silvio Milano


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With the purchase of the Photoshop Easy course, we are including the SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK guarantee.

With our 7-day money-back guarantee, it’s 100% risk-free to join Photoshop Easy today. If you are not completely satisfied with the course for any reason, simply email us within 7 days, and we will refund your entire purchase price, no questions asked.

So, my friend, you have no risk. If you really want to take your work to the next level", there’s never been a better time! This is your chance!

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All future Photoshop Easy course updates are included

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Is it Cheap or Expensive?

The price of a product is relative and always depends on who is buying it. For a normal person, a course of a thousand euros may seem like a lot.

For a photographer who knows that by applying what he studies he develops a lever capable of producing a consistent increase in turnover, then the price becomes ridiculous.

This course and its price are meant for people who want to get serious. This does not mean that it is a course designed only for those who already earn. It is simply not just any course and it is not a course for everyone.

Photoshop is a language, and in this course, you will learn the language, so that you can express yourself the way you want. We don't want to limit you by saying what to say but open up infinite possibilities.

This course was therefore created for people who want to study seriously and put into practice with commitment.

If you study and apply what you will find within Photoshop Easy, we are sure that you will pay back your investment.

Remember that you are not spending, but you are investing.

-Unmesh Dinda